A new center for training and collaboration to inspire and equip non-profit professionals

The Challenge

If you're one of the many non-profits working to address the wide-ranging needs of the Charlotte area, you're far too familiar with the challenges that we all face. There are just too few resources to support hard-working, devoted non-profit professionals who are doing life-changing work, making burnout all too common. For our community to thrive, we must, too. That's why we've established The Forum, Charlotte's new center for non-profit staff and leadership to learn, grow, renew, and collaborate.


Our Goal

We seek to develop a common language, employ unified best practices, and create opportunities for inter-agency mentoring and collaboration.

Our Values




Get Involved

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The Vision

Launched in early 2023, The Forum is a community hub for education, training, mentoring, and collaboration for non-profit professionals. Located conveniently on Hope Haven's campus, we are offering cost-effective training and continuing education from top educators and presenters open to the non-profit community on wide-ranging topics such as:

Mental Health


First Aid & CPR

Boundaries & Ethics

Cultural Competence

Critical Conversations

Trauma-informed Care

Substance Use Disorder

Community Engagement

Practical Self-Care Strategies

“The Forum is a great example of 1 + 1 = 3. The efficiency of the Forum provides high quality trainings at lower costs for mission-driven organizations, all while building connectivity across staff from different organizations.”

 - Liz Clasen-Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Roof Above

By empowering and connecting nonprofit staff, we will be better equipped to impact our community and serve with confidence and longevity.